KGPS Series Resonant fast Energy Saving Smelting Furnace
  • KGPS Series Resonant fast Energy Saving Smelting Furnace
  • KGPS Series Resonant fast Energy Saving Smelting Furnace
  • KGPS Series Resonant fast Energy Saving Smelting Furnace
  • KGPS Series Resonant fast Energy Saving Smelting Furnace
Product Featufes
Product Advantages
Basic Parameters

1. Thyristors, chucking appliances and water-cooled radiators of well-known brands; all-purpose main switch with current display; copper coil of large size; 6-pulse and 12-pulse, ensuring equipment stability.

2. Design of series resonance; the rectification part of the power supply cabinet adopts a fully open design. Therefore the power factor is the highest while the higher harmonic is the lowest. It is not necessary to equip reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination devices, reducing equipment investment.

3. Digital electronic control; all trigger signals are transmitted through optical fiber, with strong capability of anti-interference; the rectification trigger board allows the current to be automatically balanced, realizing the soft start and preventing the impact on the power supply; working as fast electronic switch that cuts off the power in the event of a malfunction.

4. The layout of the power supply cabinet components is reasonable; the maintenance personnel can easily access all the maintenance points; the open structure design of electric furnace makes maintenance easy.

5. Competitive power consumption indicator; for medium frequency smelting furnace, the power consumption per ton is ≤ 510 degrees/ton; in addition, the power supply cabinet is equipped with a smelting manager. PLC and human-machine interface constitute a smelting manager easy for operation, with functions of automatic furnace drying, furnace start under cold state, malfunction diagnosis, fault information display and storage, operation information display, system status display, etc.

6. Good environmental protection performance: compared with the parallel power supply, the noise of the overall unit is stable and light, which is ≤85dB measured at the position where the operating platform is two meters away from the furnace, with no noise wave; the pollution of the medium frequency harmonics to the power grid is small.

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