New Type Dual Power Supply Fast Energy Saving Thyristor Furnace



  • 1. It adopts one transformer with two secondaries or two transformers (with the same total capacity) with 6-phase inlet to supply power .

    2. Inverter circuit of two sets of rectifier (12-pulse) bridge in series of superimposed direct current.

    3. Harmonics of large inductor balanced reactor with two poles in series.

    4. Thyristor with high withstand voltage and fast inversion; boosted parallel loaded resonant capacitor.

    5. The induction coil of furnace body is multi-way water cooled, reducing copper loss.

  • 1. With Low harmonics; effectively reducing the pollution of the medium frequency electric furnace to the power grid; fast, energy saving, low power consumption; with power consumption of 580-600 Kw.h/ton.

    2. Compared with other electric furnaces (including IGBTs) of the same power grade, the loss of the high and low voltage power supply lines is only one quarter of it; and the cross section of the conductor is half less, which saves investment as well as a considerable amount of the electricity bill; the electric energy is fully used.

    3. The transmission loss of the local system is reduced by three-quarters, and the overall efficiency is high.

    4. The working voltage of furnace body induction coil is adjustable from 2800V to 3100V.

    5. A new generation of voltage and power regulation and full-frequency tracking control system, with power factor up to 0.95 or more; with a variety of protection functions.

    6. Zero voltage and soft start, with no impact on the equipment.

    7. With mature technology, stable and reliable overall unit performance; with competitive advantages.

    8. With simple operation; easy to use, and same as the common thyristor electric furnace.

    9. With fast maintenance speed and low maintenance difficulty and cost.

    10. The requirements for the application environment are lower than that of the IGBT electric furnace, and the applicable conditions are superior. It is an alternative to the IGBT electric furnace!

  • Rated Capacity(t)Rated Power(Kw)Inlet Voltage(v)Transformer ParameterMelting Speed (Min/batch)Electric Consumption(Kw.h/t)Induction Coil Voltage(V)