Induction quenching & tempering production line equipment
The induction quenching and tempering production line equipment is a set of highly cost-effective scheme optimized according to the requirements of each product process based on the successful experience of induction heating accumulated by our company for several years,. The mechanical transmission device of the production line equipment adopts simplex mode, and IF quenching, IF tempering and annealing are by time stages and the production process. The replacement of the inductor adopts the mode of integral hoisting, rapid positioning and fast connection of water and electricity (the replacement of one set of inductor can be completed in a short time). It is convenient to adjust the position of the axis of the inductor to meet the heating requirements of various blank specifications. According to the needs of each product, this set of equipment is composed of 11 parts, such as in-and-out material storage support, in-and-out material conveying device, workpiece spin roller transmission device, medium frequency quenching and heating module, medium frequency quenching and heat insulation module, medium frequency tempering module, medium frequency annealing module, quenching spray device, hydraulic station, center console and automatic control system.

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