Characteristics and Application Fields of MF Induction Heating Equipment

Characteristics of the equipment

1. Simple production operation, flexible material in and out, high degree of automation, online production can be achieved;

2. Fast heating speed, low oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency and good forging quality;

3. Workpiece heating length, speed and temperature can be accurately controlled;

4. The workpiece is heated evenly, the temperature difference of the core meter is small, and the control precision is high;

5. Sensors can be elaborately produced according to customer requirements;

6. Comprehensive energy-saving design optimization, low energy consumption, high efficiency and lower production cost than burning coal;

7. Meet the requirements of environmental protection, with little pollution, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Application field

This product is best suited for small heating applications such as;

1. Tool brazing

2, diamond tools, grinding disc, trimming wheel, tangent wheel brazing

3. Parts heat treatment

4. Precious metal smelting

5, a small amount of stainless steel melting and so on

6. Brazing of copper pipe joints

7. Welding of electric kettle bottom

8. Annealing of gears, shafts, etc

9, stainless steel stamping and molding